Motivation Head Over Heels in Love

Head Over Heels in Love


By Michelle Clarke

Many years ago I had a favourite shoe, that shoe was perfect, it was light, had a little bit of support and was my go to race day shoe. Then news came the shoe was being discontinued. I went on an ordering, hoarding binge. Feeling like a boyfriend had just broken up with me, I would lovingly look at my old beat up Elixirs and sigh.
Like all things, time heals. Over time, I accepted the fact that Elixir was now just a memory and I learned to love another shoe in the Mizuno family. Every so often, I would see a runner go by wearing a pair of Elixirs. Like a jealous girlfriend, I would ask, where did you get them, how did you find them?
One day I did find the Mizuno Elixirs at a running expo. Reunited at last with my first love, I put them on and started jogging around. Wait, something was wrong. They didn’t feel like I remembered. They felt heavier, even a bit clunky. It was exactly the closure I needed. I boxed the shoes up, and put them back on the shelf. This was clearly not meant to be.

Rumous started to surface the Elixir was coming back. Ears perked up, “I’m listening”. The rumours were, it was going to have the Elixir wave plate but was going to be re-designed, re-named and perform better than ever. Mizuno had my full attention. Like a girl waiting for that guy to text me back, wondering if my phone wasn’t working or if he really didn’t like me, I waited for the Elixir.

Then the day came. I got them and just like the rumours, they were different. They named the new shoe, the Wave Catalyst but if you look closely, it’s without a doubt the Wave Elixir. Built on the foundation of the Elixir wave plate, the shoe is light and delivers just the right amount of support. This brand new remodeled shoe is slick with a design you come to expect from a Mizuno shoe.
The Catalyst feels familiar and there isn’t a doubt you’re standing on the Elixir wave plate. The most important part, it’s even better than the Elixir. The transition is fast and on my first 13km run with them, I totally forgot I was wearing this brand new shoe. The shoe feels more like an extension of my foot and the flex grooves give you an extra bounce in your step.
Like a girl back in love, I’m already planning many running dates with my Mizuno Wave Catalyst. Check my instagram @michelletherunner to see what adventures are in store for us in 2016.  Check my instagram @michelletherunner to see what adventures are in store for us in 2016.