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    How to Use Running for Good


    Amanda Ralph, one year cancer-free, is continuing on the 10K-per-day run for the month of April to raise money for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre that was begun by Ian Fraser, race director of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

    She says that, as a mother of two daughters, violence against women speaks to her heart.  

    “I want to make sure my daughters are safe and know what they need to in order to stay safe, and I just want to support everyone who has been through hard times,” says Ralph, 47, a school teacher in Brampton who won a hotel room and race entry at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, a race entry she won’t be using because she was already registered to run Ottawa’s half marathon. 

    “Running, when it’s not about me but for other people, feels more rewarding. During chemo I could not wait to get back to running, and now that I have, I’m really looking forward to being able to help.” 

    Ralph will be running 10-kilometres-per-day and posting about her runs on Instagram @WonderWomanRalph, and the link to donate to her efforts, which will be added to the funds raised by Fraser, is right here

    Ralph says she’s no stranger to hard times. When doctors found a cyst on her ovary, it was assumed that her colon cancer had spread. Her tumor was so large that she had two-thirds of her colon removed. But, the day after her December birthday, she went in for chemo, and, when it was over in March, 2021, she went back to work. Then she started running again.

    “Mostly I was walking because my iron levels were so bad and breathing was hard,” she says, “but, like most things, you start slow and don’t quit and, eventually, you find your rhythm again.” 

    Ralph’s rhythm has already seen her complete three half-marathons and an IronGirl race and now, the schoolteacher and mother says she’s ready for her 10K-per-day. She runs with gratitude, she says. All she wants to do is use the sport she loves to help people in need.   

    Raising awareness about violence and supporting those affected by it is an important job,” she says, “Plus, this might be the challenge I need to get me back to where I used to be.” iRun magazine will be documenting the great Amanda Ralph’s journey and we encourage everyone to support her, and the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, as we move towards the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

    To donate to Amanda Ralph, once again, please click here