Motivation Introducing Team Beau’s the Ultimate Beer Runners

Introducing Team Beau’s the Ultimate Beer Runners


Beau’s, like iRun, is a sponsor of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and when we heard that, we challenged Beau’s CEO Steve Beauchesne to run his first half marathon. At first, he wasn’t too sure. But he’s since come on board, brought his friends and will be reporting back on his training and experiences and offering the occasional free beer incentive prize for anyone else following our program. Here’s a little more about Steve and his brew crew!

Steve Beauchesne

Role at Beau’s: Co-Founder and CEO

Number of years running: New to running!

Longest distance to date: 5K

Running super-power: Sister, Jen B

Achilles heel: Beer

Goal for Ottawa Half-Marathon:  Ummm … to complete it?

Why I run: To allow myself to drink beer guilt-free!

Bridgid Young

Role at Beau’s: Toronto Sales

Number of years running: 17-ish years. My on-again, off-again relationship with running started with high school cross country – we’re currently on a break

Longest distance to date: 30km, ran Around the Bay waaay back in 2010

Running super-power: Mid-run pick-ups caused by inspiring signs, high fives and cowbells

Achilles heel: These darn knees and hips

Goal for Ottawa Half-Marathon: Finish without injury and with a smile on my face!

Why I run: To clear my head and feel alive in my body

Bryce McBain

Role at Beau’s: Brewer

Number of years running: 7

Longest distance to date: 10K

Running super-power: Getting red in the face

Achilles heel: Shin splints

Goal for Ottawa Half-Marathon: Under 2 hours

Why I run: Mind and body health

Marybeth McLaughlin

Role at Beau’s: Events and Sponsorships

Number of years running: I’ve never been a constant ‘runner’ unless it was for a specific sport but doesn’t everyone run as soon as they can walk?

Longest distance to date: 12km unless you count Tough Mudder which was about 16 km, but you half walk, half run the course. Both of these were years ago!

Running super-power: Will power

Achilles heel: My right ankle; it’s been injured uncountable times

Goal for Ottawa Half-Marathon: Finish the race with no injuries

Why I run: Free exercise

Jen Beauchesne

Role at Beau’s: Wordsmith and Media Relationships (and big sister!)

Number of years running: 1.75

Longest distance to date: 21.1 km

Running super-power: Very patient bladder

Achilles heel: Wimpy hips, miniature lungs

Goal for Ottawa Half-Marathon: Under 2 hours (or at least a PR I am proud of)

Why I run: To get outside, beer tax, and to chase the crazy away


  1. Hey, Beau’s . . . I’m a “neighbour” down in Cornwall!! Very proud to see you folks sponsoring ORW last year . . . come run with me . . . I’m registered for the full, but my runs are flexible . . . . will run for beer, lol!!

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