Community “iRun to Release Negative Energy.” Athletic Brewing + Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend,...

    “iRun to Release Negative Energy.” Athletic Brewing + Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, Winners’ Report


    It’s a question our magazine was built upon asking: why do you love to iRun? Last week, in support of an Athletic Brewing giveaway for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, we announced four lucky winners would receive marathon bibs and AB race kits for the historic event going down May 26.

    Ready for some inspiration? Our four lucky winners tell us what they love most about our sport.

    Janet: iRun to push past my limits.  

    Running makes me work hard towards a goal, be in tune with my body and push past my limits. I love running on vacation as it lets me see a new city from a different lens!

    Sudhanshu: iRun to release negative energy. 

    Running builds up the “don’t quit” spirit and lets me walk an extra mile in my life when things get tough and I am about to give up. It helps me release all negative energy in the sweat. Running lets me enjoy the natural scenery of a place. While travelling on vacations, I believe that a long run is the best way to see a city in the shortest amount of time. Running helps me create camaraderie with fellow runners. A marathon feels like a festival with the festive vibe in the atmosphere and, most importantly, running keeps my immunity up and, when running regularly, I know I’m supporting my mental and physical health.

    Mohit: iRun for that feeling of control.  

    The feeling that you have control over something in your life when you’re training and that sense of accomplishment when you finally achieve your goal. Also—beers, I run for all the carbs!

    Amelia: iRun for all the good vibes. 

    I’ve been running since 2015. It all started with a 5K run at the GoodLife Toronto Marathon when I got burned out at work and wanted to do something to change my lifestyle. Then I got the Runners’ High. The adrenaline to cross the finish line; all the running groups in Toronto have helped me tremendously. Thank you CRIT (Chinese runners in Toronto) for getting me started and for all the weekend long runs in North York. I will forever be grateful for all the love and support I got from CRIT to train me from 5k to full marathon in 18 months. Now, living by downtown west, you can often see me run with PDRR on Tuesday, RunToBeer on Saturday or Sunday, and more! Why do iRun? The people I met during the runs. All the good vibes. Running is my meditation, is it yours?

    Brian Murphy: iRun for freedom!  

    Running is freedom! Setting a goal helps me get out the door on a rough day and keep pushing during the training and race. Plus, Athletic Brewing makes great non-alc suds!!!

    To root on our AB marathon race team, or to get your own bib for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, please click here. And, for the latest with Athletic Brewing, click here.