Community iRun – Issue 1 2020: Up in Arms

    iRun – Issue 1 2020: Up in Arms


    Things are changing in running and that’s good. When Megan Brown told her truth about coach Dave Scott-Thomas in the Globe & Mail, our sport opened its eyes. Systemic abuse was—courageously—taken to task. From there, Steve Boyd, an outspoken coach at Queen’s University, was fired. His social media comments were deemed a bridge too far. After that, Clara Langley wrote a story on our blog: An Open Letter to Queen’s University from a Woman Who’s Suffered First-Hand Abuse. Taken together, women were inspiring one another to say: enough. Against this backdrop, we release UP IN ARMS, with Krista DuChene, Malindi Elmore, Jacqueline Gareau, Rachel Cliff, Dayna Pidhoresky, Andrea Seccafien, and Megan Brown. It’s not all about #MeToo culture. But, after speaking with Megan, as the magazine’s editor, I felt challenged to bring this issue up to her level. 

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