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    It’s All About Perseverance and Being Adaptable


    By: Karen Karnis

    Luc Morin believes that the spirit of how Mizuno developed as a brand is the same spirit you need to be a runner or triathlete.  He would know – this Mizuno Brand Ambassador was a professional triathlete for 13 years.

    While he has retired from professional competition, he is still considered an elite triathlete – he just doesn’t have much time to train now that he’s a Lead Consultant, Head Coach and founding member of ePerformance.  It takes more than an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics and a Masters in Exercise Physiology to do this kind of consulting – it takes a thorough understanding of the sport, of athletes and coaches, and of team dynamics in what is largely considered an individual sport. In a nutshell, his job involves traveling to triathlon training camps all over the world to coach individuals, provide training and development to other coaches, and consult for entire teams to help them improve the way they train together.

    That’s how Morin became involved with Mizuno – Mizuno Japan was approached regarding a triathlon camp that Morin was involved in, and he decided to see if they could develop a relationship to introduce Mizuno to the world of triathlon, and triathlon to Mizuno.

    Morin says that Mizuno is a brand that embodies all of the qualities that make a good triathlete.  “The Japanese mentality to want to challenge and surpass yourself, the knowledge that not everyone can do what you’re doing, those are Mizuno values,” says Morin.  “It’s about perseverance and being adaptable – they listen to the athletes, watch the trends, change their technology.”

    So part of Morin’s role with Mizuno is to represent them to triathletes. “They’ve been doing running for many many years, but they’re an emerging brand for triathlon,” he says.  So much so that when asked what his favourite product is, he just laughs. “I have been testing a new tri shoe that I can’t tell you about,” he says. “It’s so new, it doesn’t even have a name yet! But when it’s released, triathletes are going to love it.”

    Since then, Morin took part in a Talent ID program through the Asian Triathlon Confederation, to help identify future athletes and help with training and development of current coaches in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.  He also went to the Yokohama Country Club in Japan to meet their members, train, and help develop a swimming and running program for 2013.

    While Morin wishes he still had time to compete as a professional triathlete, he figures consulting is the next best thing.  “I was going to work towards making a comeback in 2012, figuring the work was going to slow down thanks to all the focus on the Olympics,” says Morin. “But in reality, I’ve been busier this year than ever before.”