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    What the Hill?


    Well any hill… I have a knack for remembering when I’m good and defeated. “The hill” is my most common challenger. If there is one bit of terrain that brings your ego down a bit, it’s the hill. It is for this reason that I’ve always had a bit of love for these painful beasts of nature. It is also for this reason that I don’t feel trained until I can defeat some tough hills in my area. I love to ‘rise to the occasion’ and make it to the top and not feel the need to stop. I’d even enjoy a bit of a tempo workout, and work the hill in as a piece of the workout. Hills have without a doubt helped strengthen me to the runner that I am today.


    I prefer a long, slow rising hill, no pain, no gain. But I’m also up for the brutally gritty high mountainous hills. Such as Gatineau Park. I’m going to share with you a video from one of my greatest running accomplishments yet. Last year I got engaged to my beautiful wife. The day after I was full of energy, and juicing for a big run, I knew I had enough energy for my biggest battle yet. Here’s what happened, enjoy! (A little choppy, but great narrative. Zaney me with energy. In my defence, I just got engaged)


    Gatineau Climb


    Here’s to you and Rising to the occasion!



    1. Too funny and a brave man – Gatineau Park is crazy in a car let alone running!! and the random British/Scottish accent was hilarious!!

    2. This shows how determined you are when it comes to running. I found it amazing and funny….you do strange things when you get engaged.

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