No Category selected It’s the little things that move me

    It’s the little things that move me


    What is it about a new pair of running shoes that just gets you moving?

    Is it the fact that you spent a hefty chunk of change for them?

    Is it the fact that your knees and hips suddenly thank you by taking you further than ever before?

    Or is it that they are just so pretty that you want to wear them all the time!

    I’m in shoe love with my new Mizunos. They are my first pair of non-Saucony’s since high school (that’s a very long time ago!).

    They are lightweight and my hip that normally starts to speak up at 2k has stayed silent through 8. And, most importantly they are pretty. They are purple and mustard yellow with sparkly parts. Okay, I’m letting my ‘girly-ness’ show here. Deep down I just want to look good and if I’m spending that much money on myself I better love wearing them. In fact I should be wearing them all. the. time. But I don’t, cause wearing running shoes to work (and to bed) is frowned upon.

    What little piece of clothing moves you?

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