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    Just another manic Monday


    Firstly, I’ll apologize that your initial introduction to me occurred on a Monday. I hold the same opinion as many others about the first day of the work week – it is meant to be tolerated, not anticipated. I promise I make a much better first impression on Fridays, preferably around 4 p.m. when cocktail hour begins in our home.

    Rumour has it I’m a finalist in Running Blog Idol 2.0. Be grateful all you have to do is read my writing rather than listen to my warbling rendition of “Chain of Fools.” Well played on the part of iRun’s editors.

    On any given day, you’ll likely find me hidden by a pile of Mega Bloks and cracker crumbs as I watch my (almost) three-year old hurricane leave a path of destruction in her wake throughout my living room while I feed her baby brother. Occasionally should their naptime happen to sync up (an occurrence also known as a blue moon), I might be scouring Pinterest for tips I’ll never use (Some days I’m tempted to submit my own home organization ideas except I’m not entirely convinced anyone would find a photo of a can of kerosene and a book of matches all that inspiring). If I’m lucky, at some point I’ll escape out my front door for some quality me time and go for a run. If my family is lucky, I’ll choose to come home at the end and not keep running. Say to Hawaii. Or Montana. I’m not picky so long as it’s quiet.

    I am the mom of two and wife of one. I have an adopted Yorkshire Terrier who thinks he’s a Great Dane. I like wine, writing, hockey season, bad primetime TV, coffee (oh, sweet mercy, the coffee) and new shoes (the running kind and the pretty, non-functional variety, equally). I could have also added running to that list, but given the nature of this blog, that should be a given. You’ll get to know me and my story over the next several weeks. And maybe you’ll like me a little bit better on Tuesday.


    Find me on Twitter at @TamIWas.



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    1. Oh yes… I have a just-turned-3-years-old hurricane at home too! I think I started to “run” (more of a waddle really) just to escape the disaster that has become my living room. Even if it is just for 30-45minutes.

    2. My gosh but do you ever make me laugh. Doesn’t even matter what you say really. Love your humour. Can’t wait to read each and every one of your posts. Good luck! You are a fabulous writer.

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