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    OK, never thought I would be saying this but I have finally found a detriment to running…medals…now not to say that getting a medal at the end of a run is a bad thing…  No, quite the contrary, after your long, hard months of sweat and toil to train for a race. After the blood and guts and sweat and empty gel packets you have left on the race course… you’ve earned that little piece of heaven called “the race medal”  aka  da’bling !!!

    Medals come in all shapes and sizes. Some big, some small, and all very pretty on the wall.

    Where medals become a problem is not in the quality but in the quantity, I mean, do the math… for argument’s sake let’s say you have been running for 20 years…now let’s also for argument’s sake say you enter 8 to 10

    races per year…   that’s 20 X 10…um, carry the one… um ….wow that’s a crap load of hardware!!! …

    So, I have devised a solution to this imminent problem… I call it :

    LEN’S Things you can do with your race Medals
    (I’ll admit it’s a catchy kind of title…even if it is a bit self serving).

    A grouping of medals can be hung to create a “Wind Chime”. Make sure you carefully select medals that are very noisy, annoying all your neighbors.

    Large round medals can be used as coasters when entertaining guests.

    Medals are ideal for leveling up that pesky old washer that continually “Dances the Watusi” during the spin cycle.

    Nothing screams “look at me” like an authentic belt buckle medal. The more decorative the better.

    It’s dark, you hear a noise, unleash a deadly barrage of cold, deadly steel, using your race medals as Ninja throwing stars…(select medals carefully, the pointy ones do the most damage).

    Decorate your transportation with an awesome medal as a hood ornament.  Go ahead, rip off the nameplate on your car or truck and replace it with a really glitzy medal.

    You have just blown a fuse and the hardware store is closed for the weekend… metal conducts …and your medals are made of metal…hmm…totally safe for sure…and CSA approved…


    ~ don’t ask why ~
    just trust me on this one !

    Pet ID tags… yes, my cat really ran that race.. why do you ask?   ( gratuitous pet shot ).

    Makes a nice Fridge Magnet … ok the ribbons gets stuck in the door a lot but at least I have a place to hang the bottle opener.

    Impress your friends with with a custom made key fob,  it won’t fit in a purse or pocket, but at least you will have something really descriptive to look for the next time you loose your keys.

    Or you could consider “gifting” your medals to an organization like This not for profit organization will take your donated marathon, half-marathon and triathlon medals and gift them to children and adults who are fighting debilitating illnesses, paying forward the awesome feelings you got when you crossed the finish line, and had that medal hung around your neck so long ago.


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