Live from Rio with Lanni Marchant’s Mom


    On the eve of her daughter’s Olympic debut, Mary Lou Howieson shares a behind-the-scenes look at her Olympic experience in Rio. As Lanni’s biggest cheerleaders, Mary Lou is
    Thursday, August 11

    9:00am: Shannon , Mackenzie and mamma went for a run along the beach. It’s busy with lots of tourists,  locals, athletes, Rio volunteer , busses, and shuttles for the athletes.

    It feels safe. We ran 10k out and back to our hotel. At least every 400 meters , there are 6 to 8 Brazillian military. “Big men with very big guns”, lots of “policia”, and plenty of security personal. There are many helicopters, planes, and drones in the sky.

    In the afternoon, we are off to Canada House for the first time! 


    This is a fabulous venue, with many different rooms , big screen televisions everywhere, not to mention all the events! Food, beverages, swimming pools, and so many happy families, athletes and incredible volunteers!

    Back home tonight, must rest up for Lanni’s race tomorrow morning!