Motivation Words of Wisdom from Canada’s Fastest Women’s Marathoner

Words of Wisdom from Canada’s Fastest Women’s Marathoner


Lanni Marchant is quickly becoming one of the most decorated Canadian runners – and with good reason! Known for her impressive and wide athletic skillset, Lanni is taking the running scene by storm and uniting Canadian’s supporters behind her. Lanni’s running resume is impressive to say the least, notably, setting the Canadian women’s marathon record at the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon in 2013. Currently in Rio, Brazil competing in the 2016 Olympics, she will be competing in both the 10,000 meters and marathon. Everyone at the iRun community wishes Lanni the best of luck proudly representing Canada at the Olympics. Be sure to head over to Lanni’s social media platforms and send her warm wishes!

To celebrate Lanni’s success, accomplishments and certain future victories, we’re counting down the top ten Lanni Marchant quotes! In no particular order:

“As long as I keep doing what I’m doing and keep making progress, then success will come. The trick is to not get too excited, too soon. I want to have a long career.” – Lanni

On representing Canada at the Olympics in 2016 and beyond

“Being a runner, professional or recreational, means that you’re part of a community that that stretches across the globe”

On Athletics Canada’s decision to allow her to run both the 10,000 meters and marathon in the 2016 Rio Olympics

“If I am physically capable of standing and running – and running well – why not let me do it. I think it’s important for women and young girls in sport to see! My goal used to be to make it to the Olympics and then I turned around for my goal to compete in two events. I think it’s important for them to see that. That you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself and you don’t have to be limited by other people’s expectations and limitations they put on you.”

“I still kind of get chills when people mention it or something is posted online. It’s really quite an honour to be in the history books for Canadian women’s running.”

On setting the record in Toronto, pocketing $28,000

“I feel like when I’m not being an attorney and not training, I’m not a very intense person but obviously I have that side to me. That time in between, I’m pretty laid back. I don’t take myself seriously, as an attorney or as a runner. I need to keep both things, because I need that outlet. I think I’d stir the pot and cause trouble, otherwise.”

On dual career as both a professional runner and an attorney

“Whether its Kenyans, Ethiopians, Chinese, Japanese or Americans, I want to be competitive with the best. I want to be able to line up at any given race and know that I will be competitive.”

On her being a newfound celebrity

“It’s a little bit surreal, but I enjoy it and I’m happy to be out there to help garner attention for our sport.”

On body image and refusing to be retouched for a magazine cover

“I don’t look like your typical marathoner and I’m happy about that. The average woman who is going to buy that magazine is a weekend warrior or an age group runner or women that are just getting into running. I don’t want them to think they have to look a certain way based on the fastest Canadian female marathon runner that’s on the cover right now.”

On her annual routine of going to Kenya for six weeks of training

“I don’t feel world classed at all as I go about my daily business the same as always. I’m Canada’s fastest female right now. I was good in college, but not great. My running didn’t bloom until after I got out of college. I can’t afford to get complacent with my running because if I ever get content with what I’m doing, I won’t keep getting better.”

On running next to fellow Canadian Krista Duchene Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2013

“It’s ideal — someone right beside you pushing you. It's phenomenal for women in this sport. I have no regrets, I left everything out there.”