Mind and Body Lotsa Pasta, and Fibre, with Catelli Smart

Lotsa Pasta, and Fibre, with Catelli Smart


The tastiest new dinner my family has been enjoying is all-natural. It’s Catelli Smart spaghetti, which has two-times the amount of fibre as their traditional white pasta, but tastes the exact same as the pasta we usually buy. That the spaghetti, also available in penne and fettuccini formats, is healthy and affordable—especially as my grocery bills continue to rise—makes it an easy choice for my family.

As a runner, I eat spaghetti more often than most; and as a parent, I need quick, healthy dinner alternatives that I can make during the week. Catelli, which has been making pasta for over 150 years, uses Canadian wheat, which matters. Meanwhile, we know that Canadian children and adults don’t get enough fibre. I want my kids to be active and healthy and I want them to eat balanced, nutritious meals.

My son is 9 and my daughter is 11, and I feel good feeding them Catelli Smart products.

I like that they’re getting extra fibre (without sacrificing taste). Fibre helps both kids and adults lower their risk for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. And the Catelli Smart products use “resistant starch,” which is a distinct carbohydrate that passes through the small intestine without being digested. This allows it to travel to the large intestine, where good bacteria in the gut can feed on it.

I would never tell my kids any of this. I can just picture my daughter’s face. (Although I imagine my son, on the other hand, would laugh at the thought of bacteria feeding on his dinner in his large intestine; sounding like something out of the Marvel film Ant-Man). But it’s important to me that the high-fibre Catelli products help decrease inflammation in the colon and protect against digestive issues such as constipation, and even colorectal cancer.

I learned about Catelli Smart at a race expo in Toronto and now I can’t miss the product when I shop for my family. They have a whole line of products under their Catelli Smart brand that specialize in high-fibre goods. This spring, they are launching Legume pasta, which is rich in protein fibre and naturally gluten-free. It’s something I can’t wait to try.

I know our readers want more nutrition content and I know we’re always looking for an edge in our running—and anything that might assist us in providing healthy alternatives for our families. To that end, I recently shipped out boxes of Catelli Smart products to mothers who run across the country, to get their input on the product. I’ve found it to be tasty, affordable and a win for myself, and my children.

Stay tuned to what the rest of our readers think after serving it up for their kids.