Gear The Most Comfortable Shoe in the World

The Most Comfortable Shoe in the World


The SlipSpeed is, like a lot of Under Armour shoes, one of one in my collection. Under Armour, being a massive company active in lots of areas outside of running, does things with sneakers that more traditional running brands wouldn’t dare try.

Take the SlipSpeed, which is a convertible training shoe that transforms into a slipper. How often have you finished a race and had to walk home barefoot, because your foot swelled during your run and now your feet are killing you? I feel like that happens to me almost every time. After all the pounding of a marathon, there’s nothing I want to do more than ditch my shoes.

SLIP SLIDING AWAY: Loving the new Under Armour SlipSpeed.

Under Armour’s SlipSpeed has a solution: you simply step down on the heel and wear them like a slipper. As a training shoe, the SlipSpeed offers cushioning and a breathable upper, along with a BOA Fit System, which is a lacing system like a traditional triathlon shoe, which means there’s no laces to tie.

COZY IS KING: A view from the top of the Under Armour SlipStream, a really cool gift.

Touted as the most versatile shoe that Under Armour ever has made, the sneaker—which weighs 10.8 ounces and has a 2mm offset—is not to be mistaken with a super shoe. This isn’t what you’d wear if you were competing for your country in the Olympic Games. But I find that as I review more and more sneakers, the variability isn’t as high as I’d like it to be between brands. At this point in the game, most companies have carbon plate options and every shoe has incredible, comfortable lightweight foam.

No other shoe is like the Under Armour SlipSpeed. And I tell you what, if I had to give up all but three pairs of shoes tomorrow? The SlipSpeed in Canary Yellow would remain in my closet.

They’re rad.