Motivation Mizumo Wave Rider is a consistent runner

Mizumo Wave Rider is a consistent runner


7.8oz; neutral shoe; hard carbon rubber outsole in heel; soft rubber in forefoot

Looking for more stability from your shoes?  With this shoe’s added structure, Mizumo Wave Rider, may be worth a test run.
By Carrie Snyder, Photo by Darren Calabrese

This is a neutral shoe with a snug fit. I wore it doing running intervals on an indoor track, and took it outside in the snow and ice a few times. I found it a stable shoe that nevertheless had enough give from heel to toe
to allow my foot to move comfortably. On my runs, I appreciated the good arch support and firm lateral structure; however, the mesh front doesn’t provide much protection for the toes. My feet got cold. If you’re not running in the dead of winter, however, this is a problem easily avoided. Overall, I rate this as a safe, steady partner of a shoe.

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