No Category selected Monday, October 20, 2008

    Monday, October 20, 2008


    Yes- yes-yes! Today is the day!
    My poor spikes have been trapped in their protective bag since July!
    Today, they finally got to come out.
    Oh how I love the tight, form-fitted feeling when I slip on my sprint spikes.
    I lace them up, and tuck the laces into the sides.
    As I stand up, the sharp pins sink into the mondo and a “velco-like” reaction happens as I walk.
    But sometimes, even the more exciting days can also be witness to pain.

    The accelerations I did felt great.  I pumped my arms and really focused on pulling the track underneath me (coach’s orders).  In between the runs, ‘Team Carla” stood idle and talked in smaller groups. It was just for a split second – but I looked up to watch Aaron run his second 30m – and at about 20m out – it happened. I heard his groan only milliseconds before I saw him clutch the back of his leg … definitely an injury.  He hopped on the good leg for a couple metres before collapsing at the side of the track. A bag of ice and a comfort from the coach helped out, but I could see it in Aaron’s eyes he wasn’t feeling all that comforted.
     *update: After a couple visits with Dr. Assessment the injury has been dubbed:  2nd degree tear.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery Aaron!!