Motivation Nathan’s Shadow Pak Provides Peace of Mind

Nathan’s Shadow Pak Provides Peace of Mind


In my last blog, I wrote that I didn’t want to share my Nathan Sprint Handheld water bottle with my husband. Today I am writing about something that I hope my husband will borrow every time he goes out for a run or a bike ride.

The Shadow Pak by Nathan is made for those runners who do not want something bulky around their waist, but need to carry a few essentials with them in case of an emergency. It is comprised of a featherweight buckle, limited-stretch belt, and a good sized power-stretch mesh pocket. For those who like to race, Nathan also offers a Reflective Shadow Pak that has movable clips to hold any sized race numbers securely.

The Shadow Pak is a perfect complement to the Sprint Handheld. The Handheld provides quick hydration, but it’s small pocket is not big enough to carry anything large such as a cell phone, keys, or in my case, an inhaler. The Shadow Pak has the incorporated I.D. Card and on the reverse side it directs emergency personnel to pertinent information. For a runner or biker with any sort of medical condition, this could save your life.

The Shadow Pak gives me peace of mind. I know that if I get into trouble running in the dark on a secluded road or path, someone can contact my husband. I also know that if my husband has a bike problem 20km from home, he can use his cell phone to get help.

Sometimes we have to think about safety; if not for ourselves, but for the ones who love us. I feel better knowing that if the worst happened to my husband while on a long bike ride or run, he will be safer with the Shadow Pak.

For more information on the Shadow Pak or any other products by Nathan, check their website