Motivation Nathan’s Sprint Handheld, Too Good to Share.

Nathan’s Sprint Handheld, Too Good to Share.


My husband and I are both training right now. He is working on his second year of triathlons and I am training for my third half-marathon. Neither of us is particularly talented at our sports. We simply enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We also revel in the gear, gadgets, and new shoes we get every six months. Most of the time, we are willing to share our equipment. The Garmin, iPod, water bottles and running belts are passed between us without a thought. But now, I have something that is so good, I don’t want to share it with my husband.

This week, I tried out the Nathan Sprint Handheld. It is a 10 oz water bottle that you carry rather than wear.

If I run with water, I usually use a belt. In the winter, a belt is too bulky, so I often go without. At times, I have been so thirsty on a run, that I have eaten snow from trees. The bottom line is; I am terrible about staying hydrated.

So when I had the opportunity to try out this handy little handheld water bottle, I was delighted. The Nathan Sprint Handheld comes with a reflective mesh moisture-wicking hand strap that can be adjusted to fit any sized hand and offers a number of alternative hand positions to suit each runner individually. It is so comfortable that I really don’t have to use my hand to hold the bottle. The Handheld has a small Velcro pocket that you could put money, gel or a few beans into and it has a waterproof I.D. medical emergency card.

What I like best about his “hydration system” was the race cap. I have always used a water bottle that you have to pull the little cap out to get any water. The water will often spurt out into my mouth so quickly that I have to change my pace. The Sprint race cap has a one way valve that opens and closes automatically. You control the flow, not the bottle. It also doesn’t leak.

I am so impressed with my Sprint handheld that I plan to hide it from my husband. Perhaps for Father’s Day he will get one. For now, this is one piece of gear that I want to keep to myself.


For more information on the Nathan Sprint Handheld or any other products by Nathan, check out their website


  1. I also sometimes eat snow in the winter and have been considering a handheld. Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. I have always been very hesitant to use a handheld. They just do not seem comfortable. However, I really really, really do not like belts, and anything less than 21km is just to short to use a camelback backpack, so I just might have to give this a try. Thank you for recommendation.

  3. Also I wanted to thank you for your earlier recommendation of OneGoodEarbud. It was the first I had heard of this product and now that I have it my life is changed forever. Seriously, I will never buy regular earphones again.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Grant! I appreciate it.
    Granger, you may want to stay tuned for my next blog. I am testing a running belt from Nathan that may change your mind about running belts.

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