Motivation New Running Technology: The OMBra

New Running Technology: The OMBra


Smart clothing company, OM, has released their newest product on technology wearables: the OMBRa. Four years in the making, the OMBra is a functional sports bra with a small sensor box that sits just below the torso.According to co-founder Stephane Marceau, the OMBra was born out of need: women typically don’t like chest tracks because it was to co-exist with a bra.

The OMBra tracks distance, cadence, pace, heart rate and calories – all of which can be seen on the corresponding OM app. At the end of each workout, you receive a score from 1-10 based on moving, breathing and heart rate.

The OM brand has made serious headway at several technology conventions, namely the 2016 Consumer Electronics (CES) for their corresponding line of OM Smart Shirts for men. In the future the OM brand looks to make the transition to “everyday wearables”, with more intimate looking bras offering the same workout-information as all of their fellow apparel.

The OMBra runs for $149 (includes the bra and fitness tracker) and $59 for additional bras. The fitness core is detached from one bra and reconnected to another.


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