Community Reader’s respond: How to Beat Back Bad Race Vibes

    Reader’s respond: How to Beat Back Bad Race Vibes


    On our Facebook page, we have a Run Club and we implore runners who aren’t members, to join. It’s home to some of our liveliest conversations, tips and contest. Between now and October 21, we’re doing a contest with New Balance Canada and the Canada Running Series, in which we pick readers to profile in our STWM race day issue. We pick winners by the tips they provide in response to lessons given each week by Rachel Hannah and Reid Coolsaet, New Balance marathoners and some of the finest runners in the world.

    This week, Reid talked about how to get rid of Bad Race Vibes. We asked how you get rid of the bad vibes and heard some great tips. “Kiss your spouse,” said Tim Nelson, training for the Tobermory Trail Marathon relay at the end of the month. 

    Now that’s a great tip for killing bad race vibes. Paige Nichols, who’s run STWM since 2013 and is preparing to complete the half next month said: “I focus all the training I have done. When things get really rough I focus on my family and them waiting for me at finish line. My family gets me through so many tough runs.

    Tony Leslie said: “On My Runner ID bracelet, my wife had it inscribed with: Never Give Up. That’s my mantra. Also, I repeat on hills: If it didn’t hurt, it wouldn’t be worth it.”

    Coolsaet also talked about having a mantra. He changes them each race but told us some favourites have been: “Make them pay, make them pay, make them pay,” and “Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going.”

    This is a good tip that Debbie Millar encouraged her friend Kristen Pytlowana to share. Kristen plans on running STWM but hasn’t signed up yet—maybe seeing this on the internet will be the final push to get her to commit! She wrote, sagely: “I usually break the race down into smaller ‘mini races.’ So a half would be seven mini-3K sections, and so if I was 9K into the half I would have finished three of seven mini-races. Same thing with gummies/candies. I have one every 2K, so I start counting down how many candies until the finish. Keeps my mind working and takes my mind off running for a bit.

    I love that last tip and it’s similar to what I do with my music. I keep it in my pocket until 25K, or I try to, and then listen to it until 35K, when I want to focus on the crowd (and when it starts giving me a headache). Having the music as something to look forward to and as a boost for when I may be hurting, helps. Ron McBride had a good tip about music. “Make sure your play list has songs that keep you going,” he wrote. “Whatever song does it for you—nothing wrong with having a couple repeats in your playlist if it gets you through the tough stretches.” I know Alanis Morissette had Survivor by Destiny’s Child on repeat on her playlist when she ran the New York Marathon. 

    Finally, the winner of our contest: Sue D. Sue, pictured, who wrote: “I channel my inner Dory (yes the fish) and repeat the following mantra: Just keep running, just keep running…”

    Sue will be featured in our STWM special edition and later this week, you’ll have your chance to be featured, too. Watch out for Rachel Hannah’s race tips on maintaining her stride and form and then share your tips and you can win a profile in our exclusive issue for STWM!!

    Channel your inner Dory.

    Love it.