Community Reflections on a Month Running Everyday for Charity

    Reflections on a Month Running Everyday for Charity


    I ran everyday in April for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. When I was running, I really thought a lot about people who are affected by sexual violence and I thought about how my step mother is always concerned about me running alone. If she sees that I am running, she always messages to make sure that I am safe. I also really appreciate that ORCC includes 2SLGBTQAI+ in their messaging to support that community. At school, I am part of an Ally club and it is so important that we recognize and support 2SLGBTQAI+ people in every way. 

    So, what did I learn? I learned that I really can do anything that I put my mind to.  I was so nervous that my body was not ready. I’d never run 10K thirty days in a row before. I was trying to figure out ways to break it up. I was even afraid I might have to ask someone to run one day on my behalf—but I did it and now I am ready to continue my running journey and to take on new challenges.

    I also learned that I have so many people that support me and I am so thankful for them. My family really stepped up and helped around the house so I could head straight out on my run and then rest: lol.
    I was so excited and nervous the first day—and days leading up to the first day.

    I remember day five clearly because I remember thinking: I have never ran 50 kilometres in a week (other than a week I had a full marathon). I used to run about 40 kilometres-per-week and recently I have been running 30-40km a week. But 50? And then I had to keep going and going and going. . .

    I love running and I enjoyed every second, but there were a couple of runs where I struggled and worried if I could finish—but I did. I remember the last week, at first I felt a little tired, but the last three days were fabulous. The weather was awesome and I was feeling sooooo good. Running is always excellent for my mental health. I struggle with anxiety and I have found that this is my outlet. It always helps me focus and get back on track. It also reminded me how thankful I am for my health and for my life and my ability to be able to run for others and use what I can do to raise money and awareness for such a worthy cause.

    I’m super excited to do the half marathon in Ottawa. I don’t really have a goal yet. I am going to run this week, see how I feel and make a goal! I used to be able to run a sub 2:00 half marathon, but it has been a while since I’ve been fast. I had hoped one day to qualify for Boston. I was even taking swim lessons to train for an Olympic distance Triathlon (I am the worst swimmer), but during a Try-a-Tri in Guelph, I fell off my bike half way through and broke my shoulder (I finished the race and placed 10th in my category).

    Still, I was unable to run for a couple of months, and who knew that I would then get frozen shoulder?? Well, I started to run after my bone healed, but my physiotherapist told me to run like a T-Rex so I would not hurt my frozen shoulder. I was signed up for my first full marathon in October in Toronto, but I did not have much time to train. I knew I wouldn’t be the best runner so I dressed the part and ran the full marathon in a Wonder Woman costume so I would look the part. I think the point is to have fun. And now my goal is to get back to pacing. I have been a pace bunny for several half marathons and it is my happy place.  I love it so much.

    And now, next up is Ottawa. I’m making it a girl’s weekend. My best friend and I are going to hang out and have the best weekend. She lives in Nepean. We have been best friends forever and I have tried to get her into running with me. I have even convinced her to do two half marathons with me. I am not sure she will ever do it again, but I will keep trying. She’s my “person” and I am not sure what my life would be without her, so I am looking forward to hanging out with her.  

    While I run on Sunday, she will probably be sleeping and I will bring her breakfast after my run. . . go figure. Anyways, I am so thankful for this part of my life. I want to thank the Ottawa Marathon and iRun and Ian Fraser, the race director of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, for starting the 10k-a-day and thank you to ORCC for all of the amazing work that they do.

    I am grateful.


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