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    Repercussions from Last Nights Run


    Ok, so do what do you think happened to my legs after going out and running too fast for my own good last night???  Sure it helped my mind and cleared my head but and what cost!!  Let’s just say the old tree trunks are a little sore today!  Nothing major but I sure am glad I am not walking up a lot of stairs today!
    I guess what I can take away from this is something I have known for a long time…..I am not running enough!  I am seriously hoping that this is going to improve next week.  I know what you are thinking, ‘here he goes again, making excuses and putting it off.’ It’s not true….honestly.  Yes I am going to list a few excuses here, but really they are not excuses they are reality.  I really have to be out of my house in a week.  I really have a lot of phone calls and packing to do before that time and I really can’t imagine getting up before 6:00am to run before the kids wake up. (That last one may make me seem lazy but I’m ok with that 🙂 )

    Everything will be way more manageable next week as I am losing the main strain on my time, my family.  (That probably didn’t come out right and I will surely hear about it after my wife reads this…sorry Andrea 🙂 )  Anyway, we are homeless for a while after next Tuesday, my wife and kids are going away until our new home is completed and I am bunking in with a couple of very giving friends. (Thanks Jay and Tory 🙂 )

    Let’s list some of the pro’s and con’s of this situation:

    Con: I won’t get to see my family everyday

    Con: I won’t get to read books to my son before bed

    Con: No rough housing with my son

    Con: There’s a chance my daughter will start crawling while they are away

    Pro:  I am banking valuable sleep time

    Pro:  No more kicks to the groin

    Pro:  I can go for a beer with my friends whenever I want

    Pro:  More time to get out and run  

    I could probably go on and make a larger list but I would probably put my foot in my mouth a few times and then I may be homeless even when our house is done!

    Seriously though if I am going to have to be without my family for a few weeks I am really going to make that extra effort to get out and run way more often.  That way when I need to go for a ‘speed run’ to clear my head and get out some frustrations the only thing that may be sore the next day is my back from being able to lay in bed as long as I want J  (sorry Andrea, I’ll miss you guys!)

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    A banker by day, 35-year-old Tyler recently decided to train for a marathon. And by "decided," he means that "my wife has given me permission to train for the full." A dedicated family man with two young children (a three-year-old and a six-month-old), Tyler says it's a constant challenge to find more time to run. He says that his wife wants him to run because it's good for his heart, but he's slightly suspicious that the real reason might be because his body "was beginning to look more and more like a pear," and "she doesn't like pears." We wish him the best of luck in becoming the fruit of his wife's dreams!