Mind and Body Run Like a Mother

Run Like a Mother


As much as running changes you, as every parent knows having a child changes you for life. After nearly a year as a new mom Melissa Bishop reflects on why she runs, how the sport has changed for her as a parent and what running gives her as a mom.

iRun: Who or what inspires you to run?
Melissa Bishop:
This answer was different a year ago. Now that Corinne is here and a large part of my life she has been a huge inspiration in getting me back into running at this level. Although there are days when it’s really hard to leave her at home, knowing what I’m chasing after, being able to show her what hard work, physical activity and moving looks like has been so inspiring to me.

iRun: Why do you think more people should give the sport a try?
Melissa Bishop:
For me running is a great stress reliever. It’s the time to think. No matter how bad of mood I’m in before a run, after a run I always feel better! Running can release such great endorphins. Plus, if you own a pair of running shoes, you can run—no membership required!

iRun: How has running changed for you as a parent?
Melissa Bishop:
The only way running has changed for me as a parent is the timing of it. Before my daughter, I could go whenever I wanted. Now as a parent my runs and workouts are timed around her naptime. It may sound odd, but I don’t run with Corinne all that much. My workouts are my work, which mean that each run needs to be quality and my form needs to be perfect. Running with a stroller makes that difficult. It would be like take-your-kid-to-work-day, every day. That said, my husband, Osi, and I frequently run together. So we will pack her up in the stroller and head out the door. And if not with me, he and Corinne go for a run 6 days a week at least.

iRun: Is there a different meaning for you now when it comes to training?
Melissa Bishop:
Having children puts life into perspective. I know any parent or caregiver reading this will understand that. Training is still and always have the same meaning for me what has changed is my separation with it. I used to take the bad days home with me—we all have them—but now I leave those at the track. Now, my life is different when I come home I’m a mom and there’s a sweet baby waiting for me when I’m done.

iRun: Where will running take you in the next year?
Melissa Bishop:
I have many goals in the next 12 months—I’m back into full time training and have expectations. World Championships are coming up in Doha, and most importantly, Tokyo 2020 next August. There are a lot of races and opportunities in the next 12 months—we’re taking it all one day at time.