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    Running for a Cause:

    Julianne in red at the 2019 Terry Fox Run

    This past year I was resolved to race and enjoy life as I did the past year in the Shalom Hustle for health then we were struck by the pandemic and all races were either cancelled or made virtual. I was at first disappointed by this but I decided my best challenge was to compete against myself. However then I was struck a great blow by the loss of a young woman who had given me the gift of Friendship, Julianne Miszk a well know runner and cancer advocate in the Niagara Region.

    Julianne died of Osteosarcoma of the jaw at the age of 22, in the loving arms of here family. Attending the funeral I could feel the joy I held for the sport we both loved fading with the death of my friend. However I still wanted to push myself and was considering entering another 5K but whilst searching I kept coming back to one specific race, the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I continued to fixate on this challenge and realized that whilst Julianne has gone to join her ancestors I had to continue the race in her name and honour Terry fox and so many who came before her.

    My my efforts in the marathon I dedicate to her 06:44:04

    “I will run with the perseverance the race has marked for me” 12:1