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    Running Is An Emotional Journey



    Filsan Abdiaman

    28, Toronto

    I’m a runner (marathoner now since completing the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon last year). I am also a certified personal trainer. I have been running for almost three years now, completing two half marathons and a marathon. Like many runners I know, I use running as a way to reach my full potential and overcome difficulties in my everyday life.

    A few years ago I fell in love with running while doing walk and jog intervals around a track in my backyard. The main reason I started doing this was after a bad break up. At the time, I was heartbroken and devastated. Depressed and suffering from anxiety attacks, I lost all hope and gave up on my health and myself. But one day, after a health scare (I was told by my doctor I was borderline diabetic and had high cholesterol), I chose to get active instead of seek therapy (which, my doctor suggested). Running became an outlet for me—a means to uplift me and help me get over my anxiety attacks. The outcome was I consequently fell in love with running. And if I was completely honest, running has brought me so much joy and success. Early this year I became a Reebok ambassador as a result of sharing my story in their campaign.

    I am no athlete, or elite runner. My marathon and half marathon times are not outstanding. My pace is average. But to me, all of that is secondary. If anything, running has taught me to be content with life as it is. Running has helped me achieve greatness I once thought was impossible and it has helped me inspire and motivate others around me. I have learned a lot as a runner. It has taught me how to be patient with myself and also how to truly love myself after years of not doing so.