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    When Running Gives You the Strength to Go On



    Vicky Libby

    44, Montreal

    Running is my joy, running is my strength, running gives me hope to conquer the difficult stages that life brings to me in my daily routine. Well, two years ago, when they announced to me that I had Lymphoma Cancer and required chemo and radiation, the first thing I thought about was, would I still be able to run?

    My family and friends know that my joy of running is what makes me happy at home and at work. Now, if I can t run, will everything crumble? I was afraid for my family, my career, and of course how will I be able to fit in my running. How will I get the strength? The doctors and nurses knew this passion that I had. I told them I was a marathoner. I ran the Boston Marathon, the Ottawa Marathon, the Montreal Marathon.

    The doctors told me I had to slow down. Guess what. Every day, I ran. Every day, I was running 10 to 15K a day…except on the chemo days, but I was running even during my 31 days of radiation. I knew that if I stopped running, my life would crumble.

    Knowing that I could still run made me think that I was okay, and that having cancer was just something I needed to get cured for and that it would go away. I participated in races and more races. One week after finishing my radiation, I did my first duathlon and came in FIRST in the women’s division and received a plaque. Running gave me the strength I needed to help me with everything that was going on. I was going to my doctors appointment and showing the doctors and nurses my medals.

    The doctors knew now that as long as I was running my health was okay. So every appointment at the doctor started like this, “Well, Ms. Libbi, how much did you run today?” Today, exactly two years later, I’m ready to run Ottawa and Montreal and hopefully qualify for BOSTON again. So this shows you that running can bring you far in life. It can give you the energy, it gives you the vibe, it gives you the strength to fight and be a stronger person. And that’s what I’ve become, a stronger person. Running saved my life.


    1. WOW! This is your story, we watched you along the way, you ought to be so proud of yourself, you are an inspiration! Keep it up!

    2. are truly an amazing woman!! The last few years were really rough, but though it all you have shown all of us who know & love you that you never give up. “You are a Champion!!!”.

    3. You are an inspiration and I am so very fond of you. Your journey has touched so many people, in so many ways! Keep going Vipera!

    4. You are truly a terrific person. Strong and beautiful inside and out! What an inspiration!

    5. Vicky, you are one crazy lady lol
      What you have accomplished is just crazy
      Keep running girl.
      You are one incredible person

    6. You are a true inspiration, a wonderful person and a great role model for anyone who needs hope, and we all do from time to time.
      Great article, Enjoy every stride on your quest for Boston.

    7. What a shining example of how with hard work and determination, nothing is impossible! You battled and refused to be kept down! A true inspiration!

      Be proud, be well and be happy!


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