Motivation Running skirts, to Wear or not to Wear

Running skirts, to Wear or not to Wear


By Karen Kwan

I’ve never worn a running skirt and am undecided on them. For the most part, I don’t find them flattering (the length of most skirts typically makes my legs look short) and, well, I feel like they come across suburban mom-esque.

But then I’ve been at races and I see incredibly fit runners rocking them with a sports bra and the skirts look fantastic. More like a flirtier, cuter option to wearing shorts.

This version from Joe Fresh is a great way to test out a look. Worn with the coordinating bra and in a graphic grey and black pattern, the entire becomes more slick and urban, and best of all it costs just $40 ($24 for the bra and $16 for the skirt) so it’s a wallet-friendly way to try out a look you’re not sure is right for you.

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