Motivation Shoe Review: the iRun Gear Test Saucony Guide 7

Shoe Review: the iRun Gear Test Saucony Guide 7


iRun because I can’t stop. — John Arih, British Columbia

I received the Saucony Guide 7 during my taper week before the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon and decided to test them out with only two easy runs before race day. The shoes offered a perfect combination of cushioning and stability, along with a fast feel. I had been training in two other stability shoes, one having more cushioning but less support, and the other with more support but less cushioning and a stiff feel. The Guide 7 offers a few upgrades, including the flared forefoot design and deeper flex grooves, and I definitely noticed a feeling of smooth support in the forefoot as I ran. In fact, I felt no rubbing or blisters on my foot which I sometimes get even though the shoes were getting pretty wet running through the rain and unavoidable puddles during my run. After the half marathon, I felt no soreness and my recovery was quick and easy. Overall, the Guide 7 feels like a great shoe for logging many kilometers during marathon or half training. With excellent cushioning and a supportive forefoot without the stiffness of some shoes, these are ideal for runners looking for a solid combination of cushioning and stability.

About John: A 48 year old runner who has completed four marathons and 26 half marathons over the last 5 years, John will soon begin training for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon in October with a goal of 3:30:00; you can follow him on Twitter @johnnyzr2.