Gear Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost Max

Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost Max


Brooks Ghost Max is a new shoe from a company that has been making running shoes since 1914. Stylishly designed with added soft cushion to provide a super stable ride, the Ghost MAX is a prized new entry into the comfortable training shoe: a perfect shoe to eat up the mileage and absorb shock, or else to simply enjoy walking.

DNA Loft v2 cushioning is the name of their foam apparatus and, with the raised toe and GlideRoll Rocker—the tread apparatus designed to smooth out heel to to transitions—I found it suitable not only for my easy and long runs but also as a good shoe to wear around town: it’s comfortable for a variety of purposes, which is essential as the weather turns frigid.

Brooks has enjoyed large market share increases in the running shoe market and the company is already 20% up in overall revenue growth versus the first quarter of 2023. You might find it surprising, as I did, that it’s currently ranked first in the United States in the “adult performance running footwear” category. But the Ghost MAX is an exemplary shoe behind the company’s success story: it’s hard to argue with a shoe that feels so good. It’s hard to say that’s exactly how the Ghost MAX feels (running on twelve pairs of socks?), but it does encourage you to spend a little more time in your sneakers.

Certified carbon neutral—a trend we love—it has a 6mm midsole drop and weighs 10-ounces, which isn’t bad for how much support the shoe gives. I have the white-on-white model and it didn’t take long for the Brooks Ghost MAX to achieve a place of supremacy amongst my shoe collection.

With the ascendency of running overall in the universe, it’s no surprise that Brooks is seeing increased sales.

The Ghost MAX should and will appeal to just about any runner.