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If iRun gave me a limitless running gear credit card, I’d get all these awesome things!


Hola! My name is Ana Fray. I was born in Mexico City; moved to Canada 23 years ago and I currently live one hour north of Toronto in a small town in the country, which I love. Having run 24 marathons so far, you can say I’m an avid marathon runner!

I am very competitive and since 2021, I have participated as Masters Elite in all the Canadian races I’ve done. 

2023 brought me two great marathon performances. Finishing third in my age group (45-49) at the Boston Marathon and winning my first marathon at P’tit train du Nord in Quebec, last October.

I continue to strive for big goals and I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in my racing journey in 2024!

With that said, iRun asked me what I would get if I were given a blank credit card for the holidays to buy 24 running related things. What would you buy? It’s always fun to dream. 


All the shoes! For my easy runs, tempo runs, intervals and for racing. I’ll take every color of every type of Adidas Adizeros on the market! If world records are being broken with the newest models, maybe I can break some of my own personal records too! (For more on the $500 record-breaking shoes from ADIDAS, click here.) I also want Nike Vaporfly!!! 

A watch!

A new Garmin Forerunner! I like the 965, this watch comes with music and has the new AMOLED display. I want it in white, please! (For more information on the new Apple Watch 9, click here). 


I’m an Oakley girl. I own a few “Flaks” and I could use a few more pairs with Prizm polarized lenses! Cool, cool. 


The Lululemon Speed-Up high rise lined short 2.5’’ are my go-to shorts. For training and for racing. I love all the pockets. They have a zippered pocket in the back that fits my phone perfectly and two waist pockets for gels and keys. So practical and comfortable. I will take all the dark colors in my size that they have in stock – ALL. Please and thank you. 


I have become a big fan of Knix underwear for active wear use. To keep the girls in place, you must have good supportive sports bras; every color has been added to my shopping cart along with every color of their seamless under panties!

Running tops!

Again! Every-single-color of every running tank top, short & long sleeve shirts from Adidas, Tracksmith, Lululemon and Athleta!! SOLD!

Leggings, vests & jackets!

Wintertime is upon us; I need to have warm running tights and jackets for all kinds of cold weather conditions. Lululemon remains my fave. 


No-show and ankle length are my go-to. I run twice a day two to four times a week and I need a fresh pair of socks for all my runs. Looks like the socks’ bill will be a hefty one. No stinky feet here!

A Professional Ultrasound Machine!

For any ache and pain issues that could arise. (Just when you thought that buying socks was expensive). This is one I have my eye on, from Chattanooga

Laundry detergent!

For all my dirty running laundry every week … which is A LOT!! I use Tide, with Fabreze Sport

Portable Sauna!

Hey! If Des Linden (not pictured, below) uses one, why wouldn’t I want one too?! Couple of benefits: muscle relief and better sleep = win + win.Infrared light!

For relaxation and soothing sore muscles. A nice addition to my at-home-therapy.

Unlimited access to a Sports Doctor and a Massage Therapist.

Train hard, recover harder.

Compression sleeves!

After cramping badly at 39k in the 2017 Erie marathon, I became a big fan of calf compression sleeves. CEP is my favourite brand for these!

Hats for spring and summer!

Every color combination of the Ciele GoCap will do.

Tuques/headbands, neck warmers and gloves for fall and winter!

The variety will be oh-so-great in this department.


As a runner, you never want to run out of Vaseline. Never.  Chafing? Windburn? No, thanks!


Good quality buds to listen to my favourite tunes (the 90s are my jam) and podcasts. A couple of great ones: #nobodyaskedus #inspiredsolescast 

Vacation packages!

Post-race vacay! Hey, recovering and relaxation is part of the process. Sunny beaches calling my name!

Travel expenses & race entries!

For all my races for the next #FOREVER years.


A lifetime supply of energy gels and drinks. Train like a champ, fuel like a champ. I use Maurten and Brix and the good ol’ Gatorade.  

Race Entries for my friends!

A free entry to their race of choice for all my friends. And if I could have any race entry, anywhere? I’d pick: 

Venice Marathon, Fall, 2024
Berlin Marathon, September 29
Amsterdam Marathon, October 20

Compression boots!

They help decrease inflammation and muscle tension. Great way to speed up recovery after intense workouts! 

A Woodway Treadmill!

Why not? I have a blank credit card after all. Here’s a link to Woodway, hint, hint.