Gear Shoe Review: Cloudgo, from On

Shoe Review: Cloudgo, from On


The futuristic, ridiculously comfortable and stylish new Cloudgo shoes from the Zurich-based sportswear company On are a revelation. They’re light and they’re neutral, but many of your running shoes also successfully succeed at that. What’s special about the Cloudgo is the energy release system and springs: the bounciness almost creates a lever that makes the propulsion of running in the Cloudgo feel next to effortless. Not “easy,” exactly. But there’s an energy-return system in the design that makes the spring in your step exaggerated, and it’s helpful, and gives additional boost.

With an 11-millimetre drop and weighing 256 grams, the forefoot rocker and super foam—both trademarked On signature touches—makes the Cloudgo a distinct, pleasurable running experience. If you’re looking to change your routine, and have tried other big-foamed running shoes like Hoka or the New Balance 1080, then the On brand is well worth a try. Increasingly gaining in popularity across Canada, On is accomplishing something difficult in our sport: creating an entirely novel new product.

The Cloudgo from On, at $169, is a potentially game-changing new sneaker. Perfect for your next half marathon.