Community Run? I Can’t Even Jog My Memory

    Run? I Can’t Even Jog My Memory


    Clubs and other running groups provide challenge, camaraderie, encouragement, learning and fun. You never know who you’ll end up running around with!

    Lots of reasons why Group Therapy is good:

    • Safety: Someone to help in case of injury or sickness; to make sure your outfit matches your shoes

     Motivation: Seeing others of similar Kenyan genetics as yourself can spur you on, keep you inspired during runs and races

    • Performance: You may just find you’re mentally pushing yourself to keep ahead of the 90-year-old and others who encourage you to push it

    • Socializing: Where else can you meet a ton of like-minded people doing something healthy together? Think about it… Running groups are where ‘speed’ dating was invented!

    • Brainstorming: The banter and breadth of conversations on the run can sometimes spark ideas (like “Why don’t we start a social running site and call it Pacebook?”)

    • Business: Funny enough, we often run with people for weeks or months and never know what they do for a living; we just learn a lot about their running and family maybe… but occasionally we make a connection that helps with our career or business… What’s not to like about runners?

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