Motivation Maurizio, runner & SickKids Warrior

Maurizio, runner & SickKids Warrior


Maurizio is a Toronto runner. He runs as a SickKids Warrior, the program where you dedicate your challenge event to fundraising for SickKids. (It’s easy to do. Register to run your next race for SickKids at A SickKids patient when he was a kid, Maurizio transformed himself, through steely determination, into a runner.
He speaks with passion about his journey:

“I was not a good runner when I started. In fact, I was overweight, I was eating a lot, and couldn’t run one mile without stopping for a much-needed break. Keep that in mind as you overcome your own set of excuses.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, how slow you run, or if you can even run at all. Running is a learned skill – not a natural talent. Acknowledge where you are. Create an achievable weekly goal. Get out your calendar and find 3 blocks of time each week when you can run. I recommend running in the morning, because you are more likely to succeed early in the day. Run short distances with plenty of walk breaks.

The real key to training for a long distance run is to make running easy and fun. Variety is key. Run on the roads, trails, treadmills, and in your living room. Don’t forget yoga, strength training, and other sports like volleyball. Cross-training is great to make you a better overall athlete – and a better runner.

On the question of why he runs and fundraises as a SickKids Warrior, Maurizio is equally passionate:

“I wanted to give back to SickKids for doing everything they did for me when I was younger. I was born with hydrocephalus, and spent the first 3 months of my life there. Understanding the positive impact that SickKids has on so many children made it the logical choice to give back.”

He offers one last encouragement to other runners to become a SickKids Warrior:

“It’s a great way to allow people to enter the world of compassion. It creates a relationship with SickKids that goes beyond just signing a cheque.”

You can run as a SickKids Warrior, too. Learn more.