Motivation Speed work, Krista, AVK, records, heartache, racing: Lanni Marchant, three sleeps before...

Speed work, Krista, AVK, records, heartache, racing: Lanni Marchant, three sleeps before the New York City Half Marathon



Currently, I’m in. . . . .  My dreamland aka KENYA

My plan for 2017 is. . . .  To remember that this is supposed to be fun

Where’s my mind at? I feel. . . .   Overwhelmed 

Do I worry if I’ll ever get faster? I think. . . . . it’s time to retire if I ever don’t contemplate whether I’ll run faster.

When I broke the Canadian marathon record, at 34K I felt. . . nervous I had pulled away from Krista too soon

At 36, it felt like. . . . I couldn’t look at my watch because of the forearm cramping that had started

Then right before I crossed the tape, I. . . . . realized I had pulled off something BIG

The first thing I did afterwards was. . .  look at Alan Brookes stunned

Happiness is. . . . hearing music in my head and not caring if it makes me dance in public

What I really like to do is. . . . laugh

What always makes me smile? The dumb things I do on a regular basis & the people who do them with me

I like talking to people at race expos but I’m actually kinda shy. What I do to get over that is. . . remember that after a certain age you no longer get to be shy and that those people took time out of their day to come meet me and it would be disrespectful of me not to give them my 100%.

What do I think about being a hero to young girls and other female athletes for some of my stances? I think. . . it makes me nervous. It’s a responsibility I do not take lightly.
I was  in grade three  when I first heard of Terry Fox. Being compared to him? I just think that’s. . . . ..putting me in a class I do not consider myself part of

My favourite part of training is. . . . Seeing what I can challenge my body to do next

Do I listen to music when I run? I didn’t used to, but I started to while training for New York Marathon because I couldn’t get the words of someone out of my head. 

The trick to getting through speed work is. . . . To focus on one interval at a time

I’ve been running since . . . . I was in elementary school.   I’ll quit when. . . . . I will never quit. I think there is more respect for the sport in retiring than quitting.

Currently I’m running. . . .   On grass and dirt only

The plan is to run the marathon in. . . . the Fall… and fast!

The half marathon in. . . NYC … and controlled

To do that I’ll have to. . . . . Trust that my fitness is coming along as planned

Age to a runner is. . . .  Just a number until it isn’t.

Who’s my main competition? Anyone and everyone I line up against

Even if I’m not running professionally, I’ll. . . . always run. I’m a runner, not a pro.

As a woman running alone I feel. . . .  blissfully ignorant until I read a story reminding me that I shouldn’t.

Have I ever smacked someone? No… but I’ll bump my fist on a car if they don’t check the intersection before rolling through a turn.

This is what I’m looking for in a partner: Patience & someone who is perfectly imperfect

This is what I can’t stand: Having my education thrown back in my face because I disagree with you

Is it essential that he’s a runner? Well, . . . . .  nope… but he better value hard work

I’ve had my heart broken before. But . . . .   All fractures heal

I’m most proud of. . . .  The growth of confidence and self-esteem the teachers saw in my niece after I came to speak to her school.

Standing up to bullies makes me feel. . . .   sad that it’s something I even need to do.

Being the first person in my family to attend university showed me. . .  hard work matters more than anything.

How is being in court like being at a race? They’re both. . . . Scary as hell. I often wonder if words will come out of my mouth when it is time to argue… much like I wonder if my body will move when the gun goes off.

If people talk about my looks I know. . . .  they know very little about running.  Last I checked, I was waddling around the track not walking the runway.

Someone says something about me online and doesn’t sign his (or her) name to it I feel. . . . that calling him/her a “troll” is unfair. Trolls are cute with jewels in their bellies and fun hair… he’s/she’s a bully and I have no time for bullies… and if you say you care about me and favourite that junk, then I have no time for you either.

No one ever heard of Jeff Adams before he started mentioning me . . .  That’s not true. He’s an advocate for his own causes and I respect him for that. I’ve always been told what people say about me is none of my business

My mentor is. . .  (are) my siblings

My hero is. . . My Mum.

If I could run with anybody, it would be. . .  Sophie Trudeau

I try to stay out of politics but I will voice my mind. I think. . . It is important to be vocal.  I do not set out to be provocative… but I’m happy to provoke discussion.

What I’ve learned about myself is I can take a hit and get back up again. I can do this because. . . .  I have never thought of another option.

Wearing the Canadian jersey in Rio with my family in the stands, I felt. . . .  Honoured to represent my country but more proud to be a Marchant.

What’s the beef w AVK in your article? “Where’s the beef” (only the older readers would get that reference). There’s no beef. The only way he works as a comparison in that piece is if you accept that I agree and believe that he is a good role model, advocate and feminist. There can’t be a double standard comparison in him being shirtless and still valued as a feminist role model and me half naked and therefore failing at it, if I believe he’s failing in any of his roles.

** Side note, look at the backlash from the Emma Watson Vanity Fair photo… Apparently feminism requires we WOMEN wear a shirt.

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