Gear Stay grounded this winter with these cleats

Stay grounded this winter with these cleats


Keep running outside this winter

Snow has a lot of disadvantages. It gets stuck under your shoes and changes into ice when the temperature changes. Does it stop you from enjoying the outdoors? Before hibernating all season, consider adding crampons to your list of winter gear.

Many designs are available on the market. To find out which one suits you best, you need to know how you will use them.

You’re a city runner.

Running on the sidewalks during the cold winter asks you to pay a lot of attention to your path and adding cleats to your shoes will provide you with a better stability during your runs. We suggest you get a product that you can add over your shoes, so you won’t need to have two pairs. A thermoplastic rubber body, very lightweight, will easily fix the cleats under your feet. You will not have to worry about them moving while you run.

A product with tungsten cleats, like the Runlite from Life Sports Gear, is a great choice for city runners. Because of their hardness, the cleats can be shorter and give you a better grip, without cutting propulsion off your stride. Tungsten cleats prevent premature use of your crampons because it’s a very durable material.

You’re a trail runner.

If you’re hitting the trails for a run this winter, you might want to consider adding crampons over your shoes. Unlike city runners, you will constantly be encountering snow. To prevent its accumulation under your shoes, the bottom of your crampons should be made of stainless steel twisted chains. Short spikes, such as the one of the Spike Trail from Life Sports Gear, are a must for a great traction that doesn’t reduce your speed. A thermoplastic rubber band can easily secure the crampons over your shoes. 

No matter which type of runner you are, always make sure you are prepared for what is waiting for you outside. Snowy and icy paths can be dangerous if you are not ready to meet them. This winter, be well equipped and, mostly, be safe!