Community Tata Consultancy Services is the new sponsor of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon 

    Tata Consultancy Services is the new sponsor of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon 


    Tata Consultancy Services, according to Michelle Taylor, Head of Global Sports Sponsorships, is a B2B IT company using sports sponsorships to drive purpose and innovation. With offices all over the world, the multi-billion dollar tech brand has also become a global powerhouse in the world of running. 

    Already the title sponsor of the London, New York, Mumbai and Amsterdam marathons, TCS enters Canada this fall as the title sponsor of Canada Running Series’ Waterfront Marathon. 

    According to Taylor, “TCS started investing in sponsorships of marquee endurance running events in 2008 as a way of giving back to our communities and building on our belief in healthy bodies and healthy minds. TCS has a global emphasis on fitness to combat the health problems that arise from a sedentary lifestyle and stress. With over 600,000 employees who spend their days largely in front of computers—we want to inspire our employees to move.”

    What the company does is partner with the worlds largest organizations transform their business through technology innovations. It’s complicated, finicky work and usually handled behind the scenes. However, after the running bug started to spread across TCS, the brand began to move in the spotlight. Not because, particularly, they wanted the attention. But because they noticed a void in the running community and knew how important running races were all over the world for overall health. 

    Sparked 15 years ago as an idea from former CEO and now Tata Sons Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran, TCS created an internal platform called Fit4life to gamify movement for their employees. It was such a success that TCS started to look for ways to engage clients and communities leading to their journey into marathons sponsorships. TCS’ investments not only helped drive engagement with their employees and local communities, but their technology advancements and contributions help elevate the sport to help build a better future. 

    In Toronto, Charlotte Brookes, national event director for the Canada Running Series, says TCS provided energy and ideas to their world-famous race. “When we were first introduced to TCS, we thought they were the ideal partner to take the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the sport in Canada to the next level,” said Brookes. “With an innovative new focus on technology and sustainability, we’re buzzing to work with TCS and our new family members in London, New York, Mumbai and Amsterdam to bring the latest and greatest to our country.” 

    TCS is heavily working in Canada and their projects this year include the Pace Port Toronto Research and Co-innovation Centre. During a recent tour of the facility, we saw their approach to electric cars, digital farming and carbon banking, alongside Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development. On the day of our arrival, the company had made a million-dollar donation to the University of Toronto’s Data Centre at the School of Cities. 

    Taken together, TCS—through its green projects and commitment to running through its sponsorship of endurance sports—is a leading light company that promotes health & wellness both internally for their employees and externally, benefiting communities around the world. Mr. Chandrasekaran, no doubt, would be proud.  

    “I’ve been a lifelong runner since middle school and I know how important it is to be part of and support this community,” Taylor says. “We couldn’t be more excited to host athletes with all abilities to this year’s fantastic Toronto event.” 

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