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    The Final Countdown


    SiNEAD&ROB2As this training cycle draws to a close and the start of the marathon nears, all runners start to look at where they have been over the past few weeks. The great workouts, the awful ones, the missed ones and even the ones that you extended because you didn’t want the good feeling to end, are all assessed and reassessed. Training with Rob Watson has been a tremendous experience. I was excited to be a part of this team, and am grateful for the opportunity to have had contact with such a great group of people at Ottawa Race Weekend and iRun, as well as the other runners. Having had a connection with an elite athlete, and having actually run beside him, I am humbled by Rob’s natural talent and I understand a little better what a gift athleticism is. Having been in touch with him and hearing about his training, I understand that it is not just talent, but that making the most of his talent requires hard work and focus. It is comforting to know that they have to work harder than us, because, to be honest, I always thought it just came easily to them. They know all the information because it is a necessity for them to reach their full potential. We all have potential, to varying degrees, and we really do get out what we put in.
    My attention now turns to the last preparations of packing and keeping healthy and injury free. While I’m not relishing the 7am start time, I must admit I am looking forward to an earlier finish time. I have my outfit ready to go, including my awesome Lunatiks compression socks to support my tiring legs. At least if I don’t look good finishing, I’ll make finishing look good. I have the pre race throw away clothes, and the fuel for the run. Everything feels under control. Part of the marathon are the things we cannot control, and looking at those, I’d say that Ottawa is going to be a real treat. Sunny, with a few clouds, no rain, and only a slight wind. You could not order better conditions. Although the day will get warm, the faster you run, the cooler you will be. The only other uncontrollable factor that makes for a great marathon are the fans. I have always maintained that the best marathons are the ones where you feel like a rock star for 26.2 miles. Fingers crossed that all the Ottawa residents are willing to rise and shine this Sunday morning, because I’m going to need each and every one of you. As my 10th marathon, I don’t think that I could have picked a better one, and I know that from the start of training to crossing the line, it will be one that I will not soon forget. Bring it on Ottawa, I’m ready to see you on foot, and finish upright and smiling!