Motivation Shoe Review: the iRun Gear Test Saucony Guide 7

Shoe Review: the iRun Gear Test Saucony Guide 7


iRun because it is my zone out time!–Carmen Montenegro, Toronto

In testing, the Saucony Guide 7 I was pleased with its 8.20-oz weight. Aesthetically I liked its color combinations, shoe laces with a little touch of green, small reflective material and width of the sole which gives presence to the runner but more so a sense of stability. Not only did my feet mold to the shoe, but because it’s lightweight, I also was able to increase my pace. Plus the light-weight nature of the shoes contributed to a soft landing by providing stability and traction.

There’s no doubt that both road and trail runners would find the Saucony Guide 7 a good fit. The next day, I went for my 8-kilometer morning run, which is mainly over flat terrain. I knew my run was going to be very comfortable and smooth. The sole and the cushioning of the runner made me feel bouncy, was gentle on my strides and offered an easy landing. Even on an 8-kilometer trail run, the shoe adjusted well to the ground and the grip and performance was outstanding. My final test took place at the Sporting Life 10K and once again this light-weight and comfortable shoe prevailed; this is a keeper!

About Carmen: A 48-year-old mom of two children ages 11 and 13, Carmen Montenegro is also a part-time fitness instructor who has been running for leisure for several years. But it wasn’t until 2008 that she entered the Goodlife 5K Run has participated in events ranging from 5-kilometer to 10-kilometer distances. Having run a 5-K race with her daughter for the past three years, in 2015 Carmen plans to run a half marathon.