No Category selected We couldn’t have done it without Adult Essential Gummies

    We couldn’t have done it without Adult Essential Gummies



    After weeks of solid training, Team Myles is all set to go for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon Weekend. Here’s what some of the Team Myles Ambassadors had to say about their experience with the program and the benefits of incorporating Adult Essential Gummies as a regular part of their nutrition and training.

    While I buy vitamins with great intentions they often sit on my counter waiting to be taken and forgotten; but thanks to Adult Essential Gummies supporting Team Myles that’s all changed. Adult Essentials provided Team Myles with vitamins to enhance our training and I’ve taken these every day. They are fun and very much like taking candy, I look forward to taking them. The only challenge is convincing my kids that they are for grown ups and not actually candy.—Tina Griggs

    What started out as a contest entry with a goal to add some running with the Blue Nose Marathon 5 km, has led me to meeting some wonderful people and learning very valuable life lessons. While the benefits are endless, most of all, it’s the lifelong continued commitment to fitness and the friendships that I will remember. Having completed two test runs of the 5 km course in the past week, I’m excited to participate in my fourth Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon Weekend. I added Adult Essentials vitamins to my daily morning routine that I am sure helped me along the way with my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.—Wendy Hudson