Motivation The Kids Stay In the Picture

The Kids Stay In the Picture


Perhaps there’s no one better than iRun‘s Marathon Mom, Krista DuChene at exemplifying how to balance a running life with a family life, and enjoying both things. In our upcoming issue, we are dedicating everything to the moms and families that make our sport such a positive space. We also want to see how you do it. How do you get up and out the door for an early morning, late evening or weekend run? And how has having children in your life, keep you moving towards the finish line?

Show us pictures of you at the races with your kids. Pictures of you running together. Pictures of family cheering, mom pushing the running stroller, whatever you’ve got—we want to see, and we may feature your photos in the issue! Let’s all take the lead from Krista. You may not have a pre-race breastfeeding shot to share, and that’s OK. Krista’s one of a kind. But show us how you get it all in. This holiday season, we’re celebrating you and your family so show us how it’s done. Send your photos to or tag us on Instagram @irunnation.