Motivation The New Balance Stride I.D. Experience Lab at CF Sherway Gardens

The New Balance Stride I.D. Experience Lab at CF Sherway Gardens


BY: Karen Kwan

At the new Sport Chek flagship in CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto, they’ve launched the New Balance Stride I.D. Experience Lab where measuring your feet goes high tech. Forget the old Brannock Device. At Stride I.D., standing in socks, your foot is 3D-mapped using Volumental technology so that you get an accurate measurement including depth of your feet. Then, on a treadmill, your gait is recorded using an HD camera to check if you pronate, supinate or are neutral.


Turns out one of my feet is about a quarter shoe-size bigger than the other, and I overpronate but just slightly. Based on these findings and what I currently run in and that I’m usually training for a marathon distance, New Balance recommended I try out the 1500. “It’s a lightweight stability shoe. It’s slanting towards a racing shoe but a lot of people like a light shoe for their daily shoe,” says Dave Korell, New Balance footwear product manager.The upper is a phantom fit, referring to its’ seamlessness (so no stitching that could cause friction). And it’s been tested with elite triathletes, including Ironman champions Sebastian Kienle and Mirinda Carfrae, so you’ll notice the little heel tab for an easy on/off feature.

To get your feet measured, just pop into Stride I.D. at Sport Chek the next time you’re at Sherway.

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