Motivation The Best Dressed Runner in the World

The Best Dressed Runner in the World


Chris Rivera runs 120 kilometres a week and just qualified for the Boston Marathon. But what’s really impressive is how he matches his socks to his shirts. 

“Who says that playing dress up is for kids?” asks 27-year-old Chris Rivera, originally from Edmonton and now living and training in downtown Toronto. “With running, you have to enjoy it, otherwise all the training runs begin to feel the same.” Rivera dresses the way a race director plots a course: with deliberation, consideration and a budget he tries to keep under control. He matches his shoes to his compression socks,which pick up the stripe on his sunglasses, all pulled together by the hue of his hat. Brand-wise, he’s polyamorous, switching between Nike, New Balance, Under Armour, Brooks and Saucony, while wearing Oakley sunglasses and a Garmin Forerunner with interchangeably coloured watch bands. It’s a sight to behold. “Every component is a chance to bring in something new,” explains Rivera, who used to train a half marathon clinic at his local Calgary Running Room and now races with Toronto’s BlackToe Running. “I use complementary colours—build with the neutral, then adds something else.”All of the clothes featured are Rivera’s own and (of course) he styled it himself.

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