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    The Twelve Great Running Shops Across Canada to Get the Free New Issue of iRun magazine


    iRun has returned to print after three years and we couldn’t be more excited about offering our spring special issue featuring Cam Levins on the cover at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, and these great twelve stores nationwide. Each magazine features a special story from each shop that will directly impact your performance: from nutrition, to pacing, to joining the community, to how to pick out your shoes.

    Shop local. Talk to the experts. And pick up our free new ASICS-sponsored edition of iRun: we’re connecting the country’s runners, one inspiring sports story at a time.

    1. Forerunners, British Columbia

    Vancouver’s community running store with multiple locations, knowledgable staff and Peter Butler and Todd Jangula’s expert guidance makes Forerunners amongst the finest running shops not just in Canada, but all over the world.

    WE ARE ALL FRONTRUNNERS: Nick Walker, the front runner in charge of Frontrunners.

    2. Frontrunners, British Columbia

    There are four locations of this amazingly cool running shop in Victoria, Westshore, Shelbourne and Nanaimo, and thousands of runners have enjoyed their clinics. Community driven, tested over time.

    3. R&R Rackets and Runners, British Columbia

    Oak Street in Vancouver is home to R&R, with the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff in town.

    4. Strides, Alberta

    Locally owned and community driven, the Strides team—with two Calgary locations and one in Canmore—are internationally heralded for the depth and breadth of their knowledge, as well as their finely curated shoes and gear.

    TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK: The closely connected staff running Strides.

    5. BlackToe Running, Ontario

    Toronto’s beloved hipster enclave, owned by Mike and Maya Anderson who recently opened a second location uptown, have diehard devotees to their run groups, cheer stations, and expertly designed custom gear.

    BLACKTOE ALL STARS: The BlackToe race team, especially Kathleen Lawrence and Sarah Donaldson, has recently elevated its game.

    6. Brainsport Athletics, Saskatoon

    Saskatoon’s first and last name in intelligent footwear. (Plus owner Brian Michasiw is a mensch; his tips in the issue are just great).

    7. The Running Factory, Ontario

    If you’re in Windsor and love to run, tell Gary and Kyle at this great shop with two locations we said hi.

    CULTURE VULTURE: The style maven that is Culture Athletic’s Nigel Fick.

    8. Culture Athletics, Ontario

    Running and yoga come together at this top-notch shop on Toronto’s Queen Street East.

    9. Bushtukah, Ontario

    The first name in run speciality and apparel, and the perfect place for all of your family’s great outdoor gear.

    10. Boutique Courir, Quebec

    Running, skiing, cycling and walking are just some of the sports that Quebec’s hottest shop offers gear for—from a friendly, knowledgable staff.

    BOUTIQUE COURIR IN MOTION: The view from outside St. Denis at Boutique Courier, in Montreal.

    11. Boutique Endurance, Quebec

    Since 1985, this Montreal run specialty shop has been thrilling runners—they’ve thrilled runners since the last three running booms!!

    12. Le coureur nordique, Quebec

    Quebec City’s own running headquarters, this run shop—which also sells Nordic skates and snowshoes—is friendly, reliable, and on the pulse of everything running in Quebec.