Travel The Ultimate Destination Race Day Checklist

    The Ultimate Destination Race Day Checklist


    Packing for a destination race can be tricky. Between the potential weather changes to knowing you’ll have the food you’re used to on race day, keeping it all in one carryon can be a challenge. Whether you’re headed across the country to the BMO Vancouver Marathon or around the world, here’s your checklist that will take you from start to finish no matter where race day takes you.

    Get In Gear

    Keep it simple: Running shoes, singlet, sports bra, shorts and socks should all be going into your carryon. While you may want to pack additional items, including your post-race attire, you don’t want to risk losing your gear somewhere along the way. Also, if you know there’s a chance of a little rain, as it can in Vancouver, a large garbage bag folds easily, is lightweight and will keep you warm and dry.

    Tech Talk

    From start to finish, having your playlist ready to go is key for nearly every runner. Factor in whatever your tunes are playing from is probably also doubling as your camera, which means having it along for a few quick race route photos. Even if you never think you’d stop for a photo op on race day, races including the BMO Vancouver Marathon offer spectacular views you’ll want to take advantage.

    Running Essentials

    Sure you’re racing but you want to feel comfortable too and you’re hotel bathroom isn’t your usually equipped home one, where you can easily reach for the body glide, band-aids and sunscreen. Have a race day beauty kit with sample sizes (again fits in your carryon) of these items, along with anti-inflammatory crème, and ibuprofen. It’s also a good idea to toss in extra safety pins, and shoelaces.

    Post Race Wear

    Being comfortable post race is key. No matter what the climate you’re bound to have a bit of a chill once you cross the finish line. Packing a change of clothing, including an extra t-shirt and light sweatshirt will help keep your core warm until your body adjusts. And that garbage bag can also double as post-race rain gear, so toss an extra one in, just in case.


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