Mind and Body iRun, Spring 2019: The Long Good Run

    iRun, Spring 2019: The Long Good Run

    Photograph by Tyler Anderson

    There’s sneaker recommendations and food tips—Saucony and New Balance; cottage cheese and spinach—in your new issue of iRun, then there’s more: stories of perseverance, of faith, photography of survivors, of pioneers, and everything you need to get the most from our sport this spring.

    Pictured above is Silvia Ruegger, cancer survivor, she ran the marathon for Canada in 1984, the first year women were allowed to compete and held the marathon record for 28 years, before being bested in 2013 by Lanni Marchant. Read about her “faith walk with God,” starting on page 14.

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    iRun Issue 3 – 2019