Motivation The Newest in Ciele Hats

The Newest in Ciele Hats


There’s perhaps no running brand more popular than Ciele right now.

Across Canada, and increasingly around the world, you can spot runners sporting the recognizable look and vibrant colours of Ciele.

The Montreal-based company is best known for its five-panel hats that combine retro style and new-age material. Two runners, Jeremy and Mike, started Ciele back in 2014 with the goal of creating a product that was both functional and fashionable. Today, Ciele continues to specialize in one item: running hats.

We had a chance to test out the CRWCap, one of their many styles, just in time for summer.

In essence, the CRWCap is a casual take of a performance hat, and includes all the features that make Ciele a popular choice for runners.
The CRWCap comes in one size, 58 cm, for both men and women. Hat sizing is less common than shirts and shorts but important nonetheless. But fear not, each hat includes a fully adjustable back strap for preferred fit and comfort. For those familiar with Ciele hats, you’ll notice that the CRWCap has a more rounded top and is a bit broader than the GOCap Standard, one of the brand’s most renowned and popular lines.

Hats are accessories, and wearing one ultimately comes down to personal preference. That said, hats certainly have their place in a runner’s wardrobe. We found the CRWCap to be advantageous on hot days to help absorb and wick away sweat, thanks to its COOLwick material, a technical mesh that draws moisture away from its source, in the same way technical T-shirts and shorts do.

Conversely, in rainy conditions, we found that the cap is able to ward away water because of its flat brim.

Wearing a cap also keeps your head covered and offers an additional line of defense from the sun. Thanks to its +40 UPF protection, spending 90 minutes outside for your long run will take less of a toll on your body. Plus, if you find that your hair becomes bothersome, a hat can be a great way to secure it down. Fortunately, Ciele includes an open back on its hats to accommodate those with ponytails while also providing all-important breathability.

The Shadowcast is the classic – and simple – all-black edition of the CRWCap and features white polka dots and red trim inside. As you can tell, the pliable brim can be adjusted depending on preference and this one is nicely worn in.

The CRWCap Enduro edition is a variation of the classic CRWCap. Mesh panels replace the sides providing even more breathability than the original. Like the Lola, only 288 units have been worldwide for the Enduro edition.

The Dots Whitaker edition of the CRWCap is my favourite design. The subtle colour differences between the texture and base creates a slick look. Ciele says the dots signifies mile markers, giving it extra meaning for runners.

All CRWCaps come with reflective detailing for visibility during night and early morning runs. Plus, Ciele provides a million mile guarantee on its products, so you know you can put their hats through the ringer.
You can find Ciele in a run-specialty shop near you or online at