Motivation Who wants to run the Ed Whitlock Half Marathon?

Who wants to run the Ed Whitlock Half Marathon?


Cool news just in: the Waterloo Half Marathon on April 30, 2017 has just changed its name to the Ed Whitlock Half Marathon. As most runners know, Whitlock was a champion masters runner who held 36 world records and ran right up until his death this March, just after his 86th birthday.

In 2016, Whitlock broke the half marathon world record for 85+ at the Waterloo event, finishing in 1:50:47, nine minutes faster than it had ever been done by anyone at that age. The picture above is of Ed breaking the record (please note the sly smile on his face).

“We are recognizing Ed’s contribution to running; his humble personality – The Master, by naming the Half Marathon the Ed Whitlock Half Marathon,” said Tony Lea, Executive Director of St. John Ambulance in Kitchener-Waterloo, in a press release.

The Ed Whitlock Half Marathon is this Sunday, April 30, at Bechtel Park in Waterloo. For more information, see