Motivation Wigwam Ironman Endur Pro

Wigwam Ironman Endur Pro


Reviewed By: Gerrard Leach

iRun because I can

Product : Wigwam Ironman Endur Pro

Product category : Socks

Canadian MSRP: varies by retailer

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Description: Great socks for warm weather. Lightweight, breathable

Pros: Lightweight, breathable, not itchy, wicking, and cool. I like that they aren’t white and therefore don’t show dirt/wear as much.

Cons: Not double layer like some socks, but great for a lightweight breathable sock


Ideal for:  A three season runner, or those with warm feet in the winter.


Overall: I used the product on two runs, and a bike ride. They were very comfortable, and felt cool. First day was 18 degrees, second 32 degrees celcius.


About the reviewer: Gerrard Leach enjoys many athletic pursuits. Hiking, running, cycling, former soccer player, and loves getting outdoors.