Community Words of Wisdom from Eric Gillis

    Words of Wisdom from Eric Gillis


    Eric Gillis is among Canada’s greatest marathon runners of all-time. Consistent, Nova Scotian, a top professional since 2005, Gillis recently relocated from Guelph, Ontario, where he trained beside Reid Coolsaet for coach Dave Scott-Thomas, to return home to Antigonish as a running coach. As we head into October, sprint past Thanksgiving and lace up for fall, Gillis, two-time Olympian, New Balance athlete, offers some words of wisdom. To find out about his brand’s newest sneakers, the 860v8: click here

    Since moving back home I’ve learned. . .
    the good memories from Guelph do follow.

    The main thing I try and teach runners as a coach? That’s easy. . is to keep it simple.

    The shoes I wear are New Balance because. . . .
    They’re a rockin’ running shoe company, and their 1400’s are the best marathon racing flat on the road!

    If I could run with anyone, through history, it would be. . . . . Gandhi, I’d take walking with him. 

    Running in the Olympics was awesome but even better is. . . . chatting with people who watched my race, fans make the sport! 

    A word of advice to my follow runners? Remember:. . . . . .  running fast is a treat, keep those easy runs easy.