Community 42 Lessons from 42 Marathons in 42 weeks

    42 Lessons from 42 Marathons in 42 weeks


    Bernard Abarquez is a man on a mission: to run 42 marathons to celebrate his forty-second birthday in 365 days. Begun February 21, 2021, smack dab in the middle of COVID, Arbaquez, an artist who calls his running, Project 42, is knocking off marathons to raise money for Hospice Toronto, which provides support for the terminally ill. He’s run 28 marathons to date and will attempt number 29 on Sunday. With all that running, what’s he learned so far? Here, Abarquez dishes out 42 tips from a quest to run 42 marathons.

    1. Make the first step, and start.

    2. Envision the journey.

    3. Believe in yourself.

    4. Give yourself purpose.

    5. Make a plan.

    6. Take action.

    7. Run with intention.

    8. Rest, and sleep, and eat. And stay positive.

    9. Breath.

    10. Share and inspire. You are not alone.

    11. Adapt.

    12. Evolve. A year-long pursuit will involve tweaks to best-laid plans. Don’t be afraid of that.

    13. Allow for growth.

    14. Which means: allow yourself to make mistakes.

    15. Learn. Learn always.

    16. Listen to your body.

    17- Listen to your mind.

    18. Surround yourself with good people.

    19. Have fun.

    20. Be present.

    21. Focus.

    22. Be mindful. Stay in the moment and connect with the world.

    23. Access your emotions.

    24. Adjust your schedule. Things happen. Be prepared.

    25. Stay positive.  

    26. Be consistent. It’s consistency over the long run that gets you across any finish line.

    27. Be grateful.

    28. Look forward.

    29. And see the horizon.

    30. Be changed.

    31. Be emotional.

    32. Prepare to fight.

    33. Stay in the fight.

    34. Prepare for the countdown.

    35. Picture the finish.Visualize.

    36. Allow yourself to be moved.

    37. Recognize your evolution.

    38. Reflect on how you want to be changed.  

    39. Recognize your achievements.

    40. Celebrate every—EVERY—little win.

    41. Approach the end with joy.

    42. Do what I’m doing now: tell your story.

    Photographs by Andre Morgan.


    1. Thank you for you advice, and for your inspiration. You are what the Jesuits refer to as a “Man For Others”. We need more people like you, and I will do my best to follow your example.
      Mike G (Montreal)
      Guidance Counsellor (and runner!)
      Loyola High School

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